The economic slowdown has had a major impact on young people with reduced opportunities and increased competition for jobs driving youth unemployment rates up to 4 times the Edinburgh average. (16% compared with 4%)

This means that every year over 500 young people are exiting the school system into unemployment, unable to secure work or a place in Further or Higher Education.

If this trend continues there are significant implications for our people, economy and communities, as the longer an individual is out of work the more entrenched their unemployment can become.

This issue cannot be tackled by any one agency or organisation alone and it is for this reason that the Council has developed cross-partner action - The Edinburgh Guarantee.

Working with the public, private and voluntary sectors the Council seeks to increase the number of jobs, education or training opportunities being made available to young people, in tandem with work to improve the level of support available to help them move into a positive destination.

Some Highlights:

  • Since August 2011 we’ve worked with businesses and organisations across Edinburgh to generate over 1000 Job, apprenticeship and Internship opportunities for school leavers.
  • We’ve set up sector based working groups to advance the agenda of youth employment within their relevant sectors and unlock opportunities for young people.
  • We’ve actively engaged business and sought new and innovative ways to introduce the world of work into our schools.
  • We are the 4th most improved local authority in Scotland for getting our school leavers into a Positive Destination.

We want to be the best, offering a positive destination for everyone.

What more can we do? What can you offer?